Over the last couple of months, we have looked at different styles of desks through the ages. Many of them were antique desks, styles that are rarely heard of today unless you are into antique furniture. Styles such as a Bargueno, Wooton and Bureau a gradin. But these do not belong in the modern office. There are many modern office desks today, so instead of just calling them computer desks, lets take a look at some of the differences available in modern office desks.

The first and easiest spotted differences in desks are materials. Antique desks are always made of wood, but today a solid wood desk is not found in many offices unless you are in the office of an executive. These desks are extremely nice and luxurious looking.

Most office desks are made with a wood veneer. These desks look like solid wood, but are made of wood composites such as press board and then covered in a veneer. Some are made of multiple layers of veneer, which creates a super strong desk that will last a long time. Most wood composite desks are quite heavy.

You can also find office desks made of glass biurka młodzieżowe and metal. Though you can find an all metal desk, they are not very popular. And I have never seen an all glass desk. Usually glass desks are combined with metal or wood, though more often metal. So you will have a metal base or legs and then a glass work surface. I have even seen some really nice desks that are made of wood, metal and glass. These office desks of multiple materials are quite contemporary.

Besides the material, office desks today vary in size. You can find small desks which are designed to fit in limited space and basically hold just a computer with not much extra work space. Sometimes they have a lower shelf for a CPU and almost always a pull out keyboard tray. The next size up is a bit bigger, offering some work space to the side of your monitor. If more space is needed, then you can jump up to L or U shaped desks. These office desks have either one or two extensions to form either of the shapes that their name indicates. Another style is a corner desk, which as the name indicates, is designed to fit in a corner. These can also have one or two side extensions for an increased work area.

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